Important Information

Regular attendance in school is very important to ensure continuity in learning and the best possible outcomes for every child. Any absence affects a child's progress in school and regular absence will seriously impact upon your child's potential to achieve. Pupils are more likely to enjoy school, achieve better outcomes and increase their chances in life with good attendance.

As a school, attendance is closely monitored and patterns of absence are reviewed. Every year, the Local Authority (Monmouthshire County Council) sets an attendance target for every school. Our school target for 2018-19 is 97%.

We have three categories of attendance at Osbaston Church in Wales School, which fall into our traffic light system.

Green Zone

 Attendance of 97% and above

Excellent attendance

Amber Zone

Attendance between 90% and 96.9%

Risk of underachievement

Red Zone

Attendance below 90%

Serious risk of underachievement


Attendance During  One School Year

Equivalent Days Absent


5 school days


9 school days


19 school days


29 school days


We fully recognise pupils may be absent due to illness and need to have a period of 48 hours before returning to school. This will be coded as authorised absence.

Your child may also need to attend a medical or dental appointment, due to personal health reasons. It is important to know medical appointments will be coded as an authorised absence and will reflect in your child's attendance profile. 

Holidays should not be taken during term time. Any request for absence during term time must be submitted in writing to the Head teacher. (Please see Holiday Request Form below.) The Head teacher has the authority to authorise absence up to 10 days, based upon the prior attendance of the pupil(s). Where a child's attendance record falls below our school target of 97%, authorised absence will NOT be granted.

Regular attendance is the key to your child making good progress at school. We will work closely with all families to ensure every child is able to reach their potential.





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