Eco Committee 

Eco Council

We are the Eco Council for 2018-19 and we continue to work with Mrs Beavan and the school to imporve our environment. We encourage recycling, reusing and reducing waste.

Plastic Free!

We are working with Plastic Free Monmouth to support the reduction in use of plastics. At the start of the year, the PTFA kindly purchased a reusable plastic drink bottle for every pupil which can be used every day. The aim is for the school to eliminate single use plastic bottles completely.

Reducing Plastic

As part of our work with Plastic Free Monmouth, we led an assemlby on Plastic. We shared important infromation about reducing, resuing and recycling. Our message is clear, we want to reduce the amunt of plastic in our school.

This term we are thinking about the amount of plastic in our lunchboxes. When it was collected, we noticed lots of cling film, foil, yoghurt wrappers, crisp packets and biscuit wrappers. We wnat children to think about the wrapping and to really think if it is needed. Using reusable plastic pots or a lunchbox with sections means wrappers are not needed.

We are hoping the amount of waste will be reduced as we continue to share our important message.

Purple For Polio

Our Eco Council are a very active group of pupils who are always keen to be involved with green issues and promoting ways of helping the environment.

They have been busy planting crocus bulbs with members of the Rotary Club. The purple crocuses represent the 'Purple for Polio' campaign. Across the globe fundraising is supporting the immunisation of children in every country to try to ensure this terrible disease is prevented.